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These are our public lands. This is a network of people and groups seeking to protect and restore Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area to a natural state. And other beautiful places around the Bay Area. Join us!

Conserve, Restore, Rewild


We have held several hikes, coastal prairie tours, film events, field sketching classes, and presentations in Point Reyes National Seashore and around the Bay Area. Our network has hosted film showings and information panels at food and sustainability events as well.



We are waiting for the final Environmental Impact Statement from the National Park Service on how it proposes to manage Point Reyes National Seashore and northern Golden gate national Recreation Area. Stay tuned for news.


November 22, 2019 - Killing Native Mountain Lions and Coyotes for Cattle in the Bay Area?

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space proposed just this, in a draft of its Grazing Management Plan. The local Bay Area park district uses domestic cattle to graze portions of its parks, but in a surprising move proposed to allow the killing of native mountain lions and coyotes in the parks. We strongly opposed this. In response to popular outcry, the open space district retracted its predator-killing plan. See more on this special page. 

Coastal Prairie

The science and natural history of this rare native plant community is little-known. We will show you photos and detail our efforts to conserve this habitat which used to clothe so much of the California coast.


Point Reyes is a wildlife watcher's paradise, and we like to call it the Yellowstone of the Pacific Coast. We regularly find and photograph bobcats, badgers, coyotes, elephant seals, whales, a wide diversity of birds.

This one of the best places to view tule elk in their native habitat, giving a glimpse of what California was like hundreds of years ago.

These parklands are also a place to watch rare coho salmon spawning in the cold clear streams among redwoods.

Get Involved

Resource damage to native coastal prairies, water quality, and to the tule elk and other wildlife are happening now. We need to tell the National Park managers how best to conserve and restore our park.

The public comment period on the draft Environmental Impact Statement/General Management Plan amendment is concluded. We are awaiting the final Environmental Impact Statement.

You can get involved by joining in local actions, attending meetings and going to events events. Get educated and restore the shore!

Restore the Shore!

Our vision is to restore Point Reyes National Seashore back to native plant communities, abundant wildlife, and recreational trails. You can help!

<Western dog violet (Viola adunca) at Point Reyes.