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A Perilous Summer for Tule Elk

POINT REYES: A WILDERNESS IN PERIL Webinar & Discussion Wednesday Sept. 2nd at 6pm

Representing approximately 1% of their original population, Tule Elk, a California endemic subspecies are at the brink of survival.  Decades have been spent restoring this species in our nearest national park at Point Reyes Seashore only to have Tule Elk once again in the cross hairs. Tule Elk are in desperate need to retain their sanctuary at Point Reyes National Seashore which was part of their original home range. And, just as important, Point Reyes National Seashore needs native free roaming Tule Elk to restore the native landscape and protect biodiversity! Did you know, PRNS is the only National Park in California with native Tule Elk? Learn more about the history, current status and challenges ahead for Tule Elk.

Why is this urgent? This summer, the National Park Service will be releasing its final plan on managing the Tule Elk.  Ranchers leasing land in our national park have lobbied to have the Tule Elk shot in order to secure grazing for livestock. Will they succeed in killing off the Tule Elk? 

Join a team of conservationists, biologists, land use planners, filmmakers and local leaders to learn more about our backyard paradise and how the survival of wildlife, including the Tule Elk and other mammals, birds and marine life are being threatened by pollution, habitat loss and private industry.

Learn about how the National Park Service is proposing to further privatize our public land and find out what you can do to protect and restore the scenic and natural beauty of Point Reyes National Seashore for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.  Tune in and get informed.

Presented by: JULIE PHILLIPS - Nature Based Teaching Julie has a M.A. in the Biological Sciences with a focus on wildlife management. She’s been a College Instructor & Nature Based Teacher for 27 years, a Tule Elk Biologist and Researcher for over 35 years and an Environmental Educator and Education Advocate for over 40 years. She has published:  A Citizen’s Guide to Tule Elk, A Teacher’s Guide to Tule Elk Curriculum and The Tule Elk Guide.


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